Friday, November 5, 2010

Dystopia - The Aftermath... (1999)


"Dystopia was a sludge band from CA, USA. The band formed in Orange County, California in 1991, and were popular in both the heavy metal and crust punk scenes, due in large part to their bleak misanthropic imagery. Their lyrics often dealt with human emotion and sociopolitical issues such as environmentalism, racial equality, animal rights, and veganism."

ALL HAIL DYSTOPIA! Dystopia brings the sound of crust and sludge and they do it HARD.Who doesn't want a bit of left-winged growled lyrics in their sludge? Their lyrics are very, very dark as they discuss things such as the apocalypse, being a mindless jar head, and much much more. The song "Diary of a Battered Child" off their album "The Aftermath..." is satirical at the beginning when it brings forth to you a conversation between a father and son about bonding and then just rips into a heavy ass riff. It seems like the more you listen to this album the heavier it gets. If I were presented with one of those"If you were stranded on a desert island etc..." questions I would DEFIANTLY bring this album with me. Incredible production, heavy riffs, dat bassline, and lyrics to make you think. If you're a fan of these guys I'd defiantly recommend shit like Eyehategod, Kylesa, Acid Bath, Buzzov*en, and Iron Monkey. This album is an essential for any sludge/crust library. I advise you to start your download right away! 

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  1. Hey just a quick note, the Aftermath contains the 3 dystopia trax that were on the split LP with Skaven (vinyl only, LIFE IS ABUSE 1996)
    Cheers, keep up the rad page and UP THE PUNX!
    In thrash we crust.


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