Friday, November 5, 2010

Charles Bronson - Complete Discocrappy (2000)

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"Charles Bronson was a hardcore band from Dekalb, Illinois. Noted for their use of film/TV samples as postmodern metacommentary within the structure of their music. (The eponymous self-referencing sample comes from Gary Oldman’s character in True Romance.) They played fast and heavy thrash and hardcore along with contemporaries such as MK-Ultra and Social Coma. Their two-disc discography, entitled Complete Discocrappy, was released on Youth Attack Recordings/625 Thrashcore in 2000. Members went on to be in bands like Holy Molar, Das Oath, and Ruination."

Mmm... Nothing like some good ol' powerviolence to mix things up a bit. What is powerviolence you say? I'LL FUCKING TELL YOU WHAT POWERVIOLENCE IS! Powerviolence is subgenre of hardcore that incorporates fast playing, random chord progressions, and screamed lyrics with songs that range anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. 

Charles Bronson is the EPITOME of powerviolence. Not only do they so perfectly fit into this genre, but they are fucking good at what they do. Their lyrics are also listenable and easy to follow along with, unlike most powerviolence bands. Their wit and humor make them an essential for any library for when you're feeling down or angry at the world. 

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