Saturday, November 27, 2010

Diskonto - We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About (2004)


"Diskonto was formed sometime in 1992 when Martin and Malmen wanted something to do besides beeing the usual teenage fucked up things like trying to get as drunk as possible or sniffing glue. We had really been into oldschool Swedish hardcore for some time, and wanted to do play that kind of music. We also played in some other bands as Times Square Prechers and Biomasticator at the time, so Diskonto just rehearsed once in awhile the first 1,5 years or so. After that we recruited Steffe on vocals and Kaj on Bass."

Another one of these fucking Discharge knock offs right??? No! Defiantly not. Well, yes but in a goooooood way. Not to mention they're one of few d-beat bands who actually has fucking female vocals makes it all the more kick ass. I'm not a huge fan of d-beat bands, seeing as how they're all tryhards, but Diskonto just has a different feel to them I don't know how to describe. I couldn't find a youtube link for the album so here's just a random song. Enjoy! 

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