Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Behind Enemy Lines - Know Your Enemy (2001)

From last.fm:

"Behind Enemy Lines is an American crust punk band, formed in late 2000 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It features drummer Matt Garabedian and vocalist/essayist/political artist Dave Trenga of Aus-Rotten, and past members include Bill Chamberlain of The Pist and Caustic Christ. Behind Enemy Lines has released three albums so far. Though only enjoying a small fanbase of devoted punks and feminist, and they have been covered by the news for their anarchist political commentary. Thematically picking up where Aus-Rotten left off, Behind Enemy Lines offers even greater urgency fueled by their utter contempt for today’s rotting political infrastructure and the ill-gotten spoils of war at the expense of humanity."

I first listened to this band without ever knowing Dave Trenga, from Aus-Rotten, was on lead vocals until the first song rips and I'm just like "oshi-, THIS IS DAVE FROM AUS-ROTTEN!!!" Behind Enemy Lines plays very similar to Aus-Rotten in a sense of not only sound but also anarchist lyrics written by Dave himself. The key difference between these two bands is the fact that Aus-Rotten has a lot more crust/hardcore sound to it which makes me get drawn into it easily. Even though this band may not have Adrienne Droogas backing for one album, they sure as hell deliver a power pack of growled lyrics every now and then (Aus-Rotten notably hardly ever growled which is uncommon for most crust bands) along with the faster guitar playing. If you're a fan of Aus-Rotten, Nausea, Caustic Christ, and Mouth Sewn Shut, this band is sure to bring you that sound you're looking for. 

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