Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trocki - Permanent Revolution (2003)

From myspace:

"The founder of the group was Arek "Szczota" activist in many organizations, anarcho-eco-themed concert organizer. Inability to meet their own, somewhat more direct ideas translated into the activities of sound and visual text, gradually bringing it only to the form of sound and text. In 2000, he recruited others to the possibility of missing the implementation of its plan and created the elements (consisting of the following entities: Sue, TV, Pudding, Flower, Betka) 6 personal formation, which began work on the first album from the still fairly kakofonicznymi sounds.Texts Szczoty on the first disc was a form of Outriggers and threats."

You think this is your typical run of the mill grindcore band? Well, you're in store. This Polish band is fronted by both male and female vocalists, female being the most primary. Trocki's quick pitch shifts and growled lyrics, almost that reminiscent of goregrind, makes this band a fucking knockout

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