Friday, November 19, 2010

Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass - Cash, Money, Etc (2006)


"Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass is a 5-piece pop-rock band from Southern Vermont. They have released 4 discs, one of which is a full-length. They are planning on releasing a new full length in the spring/summer of 2007. You can check them out at and"

Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass delivers a light pop sound to the always pessimistic folk punk side through various twee sounds and overall positive lyrics. The kind of feeling that this band gives you makes you feel very warm and at home. I'm not quite sure how most regular folk punk-ers would think of these guys but it has the notable, Pat The Bunny's, brother as the lead singer so it's defiantly an essential to pick up if you have Johnny Hobo and WDU albums. 


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