Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paddyrasta - Listen To Your Heart (2005)

From last.fm:

"Paddyrasta are a celtic reggae band half from Ireland half from Africa - check them out on http://www.myspace.com/paddyrasta for streaming"

I bet you're looking at the labels and going "Folk? Reggae? Celtic?" and going what the fuuuuuuuck? No, in all seriousness Paddyrasta is fucking banging. The lyrics focuses on topics such as liberation, equal rights, and protecting your mother nature. They combine folk elements with a reggae beat and celtic instruments.  Who the fuck doesn't wanna light up a spliff while hearing some bagpipes and flutes in the back?If you're lookin for something unique and really far out there Paddyrasta is sure to suite your need for just that.

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