Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Polkahontas - Huift Ja Nix (2007)

From last.fm:

"Punk-rock classics to be translated into popular Marnier Bavarian and present, under, covers a different way, is the concept of Polkahontas. The scene police pants down pull, do not stop at greasy Schlage deposit requirements, ironic self-presentation of your roots, always a stupid slogan on the lips and loves to experiment distinguish what is with improvisational lightness and spontaneity played loose from the hand. Whether it's a tuba, a crusher, the impact or simply the bass drum march is completely irrelevant - the only thing that matters is being able to laugh at and with himself and his neighbor."

You're probably like... ARE YOU SHITTING ME? No, I'm serious. This is some authentic polka punk all the way from Germany. These self-proclaimed Bavarians kick it old school bringing a new school sound. Due to the lack of information on this band, this is pretty much all I can provide for now. If you're feeling experimental and getting into something then then check this band out!

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