Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reflections Of Internal Rain - Last Flood (2009)


"It all started at the end of 2004 in Novi Sad. The goal was to run away from the every day worn out things and times in which we had entered. Ivan (guitar, vocal), Petar (guitar) and Aleksandar (drums) are in the band from the very beginning. Later on, Dusko gets lead vocal part and Nikola (Ground Zero) joined on bass line. Songs are about experiencing the present days, loosing close people, personal feelings, jealousness, envy, vain…"

So I'm not a REAL big fan of neocrust or anything because I think a lot of takes away major elements of how traditional crust is played but man and represented, these guys can fucking play or what! These Serbian mother fuckers put a lot of heart and emotion into their song writing and their playing style is almost atmospheric at times. Like the descriptions says, their music deals with things such as feelings and pain and all that jazz. It's very emotional but yet at the same time in your face. Fans of stuff like Ekkaia, Leadershit, and Alpinist will defiantly find this album comforting and at times soothing.

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