Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crustina Aguilera - Crushing The Imperialist Machine (2000)


"Crustina Aguilera was crust punk band from or around Amherst, Massachusetts. They only put out one three song demo called Crushing the Imperialist Machine (One Demo At a Time). The tracks from this demo are sometimes mislabeled as Token Animal Song, Token Environment Song, and Token Religion Song. They were supposed to put out a split with Unholy Grave, but it was never released."

Well... This is it guys! The only thing to be ever put out by Crustina Aguilera and it's a damn shame too. Why does such a deserving crust band such as themselves put out a three track demo and have to disband? That isn't my issue but man, could I listen to this demo all fucking day (already have!) or what. I found this awhile back from a recommendation and thought it was damn good enough to put on this blogspot regardless how many tracks it contains. This is crust at it's finest and most pure. Just raw and uncut.

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