Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black Breath - Heavy Breathing (2010)


"Black Breath is a band from the Pacific Northwest who have quickly shredded their way to popularity. With members of Shook Ones, Go It Alone, Blue Monday, Get The Most, and On, they began in 2007 as crossover band with a joking spirit such as songs like “Party Idea” in their 2007 Demo. In 2008, they released a 4-song 12” EP, Razor To Oblivion, which proved their step in a more serious direction, writing riffs that are reminiscent of first-wave thrash, black, and death metal bands such as Celtic Frost and Hellhammer, but maintain a traditional hardcore punk undertone."

As much hype that surrounds this band for being signed to Southern Records, Black Breath lives up to their name. They bring back a very old school thrash sound but deliver it in such a hard hitting way that resembles almost that of crossover but with a Celtic Frost-esque way of doing it. Their lyrics are generally growled with fast as fuck guitar playing and overall heavy style. It was hard for me to generalize this band as hardcore punk and thrash because they infuse a lot of different styles of playing which makes them so indescribable and unlike anything I've heard today. This band is a great addition to any metal head's library and they have only place they're going is up. For lovers of artists like Cursed, Trap Them, and Lewd Acts, this band is sure a winner in your book.

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