Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nux Vomica - Asleep In The Ashes (2009)


"An Epic Punk/metal crust band from Baltimore, Maryland that began in late 2003. They later relocated to Portland, Oregon. Their 7”ep “The Uninspired” is available from Their LP/CD “A Civilized World” is out now and available from Aborted Society Records - They are also on the compilation Baltimore’s Dirt and Grime released by Dysphoria Distro 2009 the band released their 2xLP/CD, “Asleep in the Ashes” on Aborted Society Records."

Nux Vomica are without a doubt my FAVORITE neocrust band. The thing I wouldn't really call them neocrust. They have a lot of sludgey overtone but yet they don't at the same time. If you're familiar with the band Wake Up On Fire, the remaining members of that band went on to form Nux Vomica so you know there is some serious shit going down. This album is by far their must melodic than all their other ones. They have a few more albums that are a lot more noticed but this one is straight to their melodic neocrust roots. There's just something about Nux Vomica that makes them my favorite. Is it the fact that they're my first melodic crust experience or the fact that they're just fucking awesome? In any case, do yourself a favor and pick this up today. Oh and this youtube video isn't an exact representation of their album seeing as how I couldn't find from Asleep In The Ashes but this will suffice. Enjoy!

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