Sunday, January 30, 2011

Burn Down Rome - Devotion (2008)


"Burn Down Rome was a 4 piece band from London playing experimental hardcore. They consisted of Eddy (Bass), Jacob (Vocals), Max (Guitar) and Jonny (Drums). They released their debut album Devotion on 15th September 2008 through Visible Noise."

I definitely wouldn't call them hardcore but I sure as hell would call them experimental. It's hard to put a finger on what is and what isn't post-hardcore but there are some parts to this band that definitely sound like it. Hell, I had to even ask around a few people as to what I should label this band. But anyways, Burn Down Rome combine many array of influences such as post-rock, hardcore, screamo, post-hardcore and metalcore. On their first EP, they even threw in a few breakdowns that were about 20 seconds and pretty bad ass sounding.  Devotion has a really emotional draw to it as soon as the first sets in and begins to reel your heart in like a fish on a line. The feel to this album overall is a powerful one. It's hard but yet hits a soft spot at the same time. A must have album for screamo fans.

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