Monday, January 10, 2011

Cwill - Trotz Allem (2008)


"swiss hardcore w/ strings"

Cwill has got to be one of the oldest neocrust bands around in the scene! Hailing from Switzerland, Cwill combines a very unique blend of melodic riffs, growling and screaming vocals, and not to mention their incorporation of violin in their music. I couldn't decide which two of the albums to upload so I'm going to just throw them both of up for you! It's only fitting because for a band that has been around this long deserves a nice dedication to it. This album, Trotz Allem, was released in 2008 (ten years after their 1998 release and they still sound kick ass!). I was reading up their myspace and sadly they broke up back in February of 2010 Uunfortunately, this was their last release. :< What a great way to go out too.

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