Sunday, January 2, 2011

Early Graves - Goner (2010)


"Early Graves is a metal band from San Francisco, California that includes aspects of thrash and hardcore in their music. They have toured the U.S. extensively with The Handshake Murders, Gaza, The Funeral Pyre and Unearth, amongst many others. Their debut album We: The Guillotine was released worldwide August 19th, 2008 on Ironclad/Metalblade Records."

Every day I've been finding tons and tons of more new age thrash/hardcore punk bands that are just heavy as all fuck. Despite the fact that they tour with shitty third wave metalcore bands, Early Graves keeps it true to their roots with mind-blowing sludge-y riffs, all out balls-to-the-wall vocals, and just overall hammering fucking music. Unfortunately, Makh Daniels, the lead singer, was killed in August in a van accident while touring with the rest of the band. I'm not sure if they're going to be releasing anything more prior to that but may he rest in peace and hopefully Early Graves will continue to make skull-crushing music.

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