Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gallery - Demo (2010)


"Gallery is a Sludge/Crust band from Los Angeles, California."

Skull-crushing demo release from sludge/crust band Gallery. There is a nice chill as fuck stoner metal undertone to it which just makes you want to pull out your bong and just let it rip. It's as if I'm listening to some post-Sabbath riffs with crusty influences everywhere. Great growls and screams with a nice lo-fi sound to it. I'd say they're a mix between Mammoth Grinder and Noosebombs and Salome. Be prepared for the track "House Of Cards" because it'll blow you off your fucking feet if you're not expecting it! I can't wait for their full-length album this year! Defiantly keep a look out for it!

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