Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Asra - The Way Of All Flesh (2008)

From last.fm:

"ASRA was a Grindcore/Death Metal band formed in United States of America (New York City, New York) in 2006.Last known line-up:A. Hernandez (Drums/Vocals)M. Paradis (Guitar)M. Hukill (Bass/Vocals)H. Christos (Vocals)ASRA stands for “Alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse”.They broke up in 2008."

This album is pretty much a discography of the band with a few compilation tracks thrown in. Askra combines a gnarly mix of grindcore and death metal which makes for an overall brutal sound. The mix between the growled and screamed lyrics is what really haves me hooked on Askra. Their technical merit when playing the guitar is phenomenal aswell. When listening to this album it really is getting me in the mood for more grindcore. They're just very different. I can't put my finger on it but they just are. Unfortunately, they broke up in 2008 and will never be putting out another rad album. Mind aswell enjoy this only release for years to come!

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