Monday, January 31, 2011

Righteous Pigs - Live And Learn & Stress Related (1999)


"Righteous Pigs were a grindcore / death metal band who were formed in 1987 in Las Vegas, USA. They recorded two albums; Live and Learn (1989) and Stress Related (1990), but split up following the release of the latter album when guitarist Mitch Harris left to join Napalm Death."

I can't really remember how to I was introduced to Righteous Pigs but when I first had them I HAD to have them. As you have read above, the guitarist Mitch Harris left Righteous Pigs to join Napalm Death and left some of his notoriety behind in this band. The guitar playing is fast, heavy, and is backed by perfectly timed blast beats. The devastating vocals are what really speak to me. I mean sure, the awesome as fuck thrashy crossover guitar playing is bad ass but those growls are really something out. Not to mention the lyrics are quite clear and touch topics such as drugs,dying, stress, extinction, and just anything and everything that goes against the normals of society hitting topics such as Charles Manson. This album (or should I say compilation) is just really really heavy and shouldn't be listened to by the weak hearted. Great growling grindcore vocals that go along with dark lyrics with death metal-esque instrumentals. What more could anyone ask for?

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