Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beans On Toast - Standing On A Chair (2009)

From last.fm:

"Beans on Toast is one man with a guitar, writing songs that he claims ‘have the same chords’ and ‘sound like Billy Bragg’. Beans on Toast (known to his friends as Jay) blends a dark wit with serious social and political satire based on a diverse range of subjects including cocaine, Tesco, London, gun crime, myspace, global warming and the Lake District. He is a friend of Frank Turner, and is mentioned in I Knew Prufock Before He Got Famous and Live Fast Die Old. Beans on Toast often plays at the Locke Tavern and used to be a regular at Nambucca. More songs and free downloads can be found at www.myspace.com/sexdrugspolitics"

Need some angry folk punk? Tired of listening to Andrew Jackson Jihad and need something just as dark? Well, I have your answer and that is Beans On Toast! With his acoustic guitar and strong-will, he sings from the bottom of his heart and isn't afraid to sugarcoat it singing about lyrics ranging from being addicted to cocaine to Henry Rollins being his idol. I just love the raw energy that he brings to the table and he's not scared to put all on the line just for the sake of saying what he wants. I've had quite a few good laughs so far listening to album and it is defiantly going to grow on me. We need more people like Jay in this world. He's a true hero. Also, this song is HILARIOUS!

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