Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wolvhammer - Black Marketeers Of World War III (2010)


"WOLVHAMMER is a metal band based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Self-described “blackened sludge punk,” they recently released the Dawn of the 4th EP, a follow-up to their first EP, Rich with Bloodfuel. Their drummer offered the following statement about the band; “We wanted to take the things we loved about old school black metal/post-punk/hardcore/doom/rock and infuse that into something truly honest. No bullshit Satanism or sensationalism, just pure honest hatred for religion, capitalism, politics, sheep mentality and typical human behaviour. We wanted to write simple, memorable, and truly hate-filled metal anthems for ourselves and all the other blue collar, working poor, and generally unsatisfied people who are looking for something raw and classic as soundtrack to rise up and fight the status quo around them in any way they see fit to do” - their drummer H.R. Their first full-length, Black Marketeers Of World War III has been released in 2010 by Init Records."

First off, all I can say is WOW, just WOW. Bravo to Minnesota's finest on delivering such a heavy as fucking band as this one. Wolvhammer really sets the bar in the whole "hardcore punk/sludge" scene when they released this album. I've been looking around for a lot of stuff similar to Dishammer and this might be it. They make up for what they have in their sludge riffs that Dishammer has in their d-beat sound. I hope Wolvhammer is around for years to come because they have so potential and seem to be very on top of it all. If you want a sinister album to listen to one night when you're feeling adventurous and mischievous then is your safest bet.  


  1. heavy as fucking!

    sounds like my kinda thing. Thanks!

  2. Not a problem! If you like Wolvhammer and haven't listened to Dishammer I STRONGLY urge you to check them out!


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