Monday, May 2, 2011

xINHx - This Is My Fxxcking Answer!! (2011)


"xINHx are a four piece straight edge metalcore band from China."

It's not everyday that I get to review a band from China so be sure to cash on these guys! If you're familiar with this brand of beatdown then you're in for a real treat. For what they are, xINHx are a pretty energetic, lively, loud, and go fucking hard metalcore/beat down band. Consisting of 7 face-melting tracks, this is by far one of my favorite metalcore releases so far. The album starts off with an intro, that fucking SHREDS with some gnarly breakdowns quickly jumping into the next song, that has some Starkweather-esque riffs and followed by more and more crunchy breakdowns. Hell, they even start sampling some Watchmen, most notably Rorschach. Maybe it's an ode to the metalcore band Rorschach? In any case, don't miss a beat and pick this album today!


  1. >shreads
    >implying Ryan can spell

  2. Rorchach aren't metalcore, proto maybe, but not metalcore.

    Also your reviews are so obnoxious and annoying, maybe one day you'll grow up.


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