Monday, December 13, 2010

Victim Of Truth - Self Titled (2010)

From myspace:

"Formed in June 2008. under the name, Every Time I Die, "which included Vladek-Drums, Chris-guitar, Bula-bass, and Klaus-Rikardo vocals. After a while he left us, Bula and Klaus, in their place came Daniel (bass) and Malvina (vocals). Since then the team is under the name of Victim Of Truth. We play music where you can find the "elements" of different styles of music-trash metal, punk, crust with elements of grindcore. We have had many concerts in and around the White Podlasie and won the festival under the name "The Great Battle of Bands." band is associated with infectious squat."

Fuck yes! Another great crust/grindcore combo band but only this time there are female vocals! I love the thrashy sound that Victim Of Truth delivers at the same time keeping it real with the original sound. Not to mention the dual vocals make this band to die for. :3 Oh and did I mention they were POLISH?? The album overall is produced great and use a few different features when queuing in and out the voices. Check em out.

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