Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dissystema - 3 Years In Hell: 2002-2005 (2007)


"D-beat/thrash/crust punk band DisSystema started in 2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a trio comprising bassist/vocalist Jay, guitarist Steve, and drummer Kevin. Drawing influences from bands like Doom, Anti-Cimex, and Discharge, they recorded a 5-song demo in 48 hours shortly after their formation."

Ah yes. So I've recently discovered this band and I was very intrigued to find out they're from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aus-Rotten really set the bar for crust-influence in Pennsylvania and other bands like Caustic Christ and Behind Enemy Lines to follow soon after. Despite having a few fucked up live tracks, Dissystema has a very raw but yet energetic sound to them that makes them a d-beat classic, unlike these poser Tragedy bands. They incorporate tons of not only leftism but darkness and depsair spanning anywhere from depression to 9/11. Oh and did I mention a certain gal drops in to provide some lyrics? B) Defiantly a great new-age d-beat band that follows it's own path.

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