Monday, December 27, 2010

Gray Ghost - Deep In The Shallow End (2009)


"Labels: A389/Chainsaw Safety/Copper LungLine up changes, music changes(2008) Monolith Cassette(2008) Self Titled 10”(2009) Deep in the Shallow End 12”(2010) Succubus 7”

I'm really annoyed now because back in October of last year this band played in my old hometown and I'm JUST now realizing it. Of course, I didn't know how awesome they were back then or have heard of them for that matter. Gray Ghost brings something different to the table that I really like. It's almost as if it's melodic style but there's more to it with sludge-esque riffs. The lyrics and guitar aren't overbearing in most hardcore. Jeesh, it's almost soothing really. The only band I could compare to Gray Ghost would be either Cursed (a softer, more experimental version) or Black Breath without all the thrash influence. Defiantly a one-of-a-kind band that goes great in any library. Please pick them up. The track off youtube doesn't correlate with the album but it will have to do.

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