Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shikabane - 1st EP 人間に生まるること難し・・・(1996)


"Raging, moody, and dark Hardcore/Thrash from the depths of Tokyo, Japan, 屍 or better known in romaji as Shikabane (Corpse) are one of the bands from Japan that best represents the unique sound that has come to be known as “Japancore.”

Fucking gotta love Japan man. They have some of the best scenes over there and hardcore is one of them. Shikabane has a very darkened style of playing their hardcore that is very fast and aggressive with almost growled lyrics with tons of crust influence. Shikabane also had a split with Agathocles, a key band in the grindcore scene who coined the term "mincecore" to describe a way of playing goregrind with more left-winged views and had lyrics such as anti-fascism and capitalsm whereas goregrind was about mutilation and death. I couldn't find a youtube video off this album but this is off their album Ego & Desire which has a more blackened sound to it. Enjoy!


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