Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Romantic Gorilla - Fun (1995)

From last.fm:

"Romantic Gorilla is a sweet powerviolence/hardcore band. They incorporate humorous themes and styles in their music. They are from Japan and started in 1993.Gori: vocalsAkiko: guitarNakazizi: drums (1994-1995 and 1997-1998)Yabe Visious: bass (1997-1998)Shizu: bass (1998-)Hira-chan: drums (1993)Makoto: bass (1994-1995)Mas: bass (1995-1996)Yuji: drums (1995-1996)Ken: bass (while Makoto was recovering from a snowboarding accident)"

HECTIC, FRANTIC, HECTIC, RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! All over the PLACE! That is pretty much how Romantic Gorilla rolls. Yet another kickass powerviolence band that delivers the goodies but Romantic Gorilla is much more than that. They combine many styles in their music and play around with certain little melodies and such here and there. Not to mention they have dual vocalist and are from Japan which provide a dynamic combo. There are only 5 tracks on this album so be sure to pick up the rest of their discography!

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