Thursday, December 30, 2010

Night Gaunts - Full Body Tourettes [Part II] (2010)


"Starting in May 2010, from Auckland, New Zealand, Night Gaunts are a punk/ska/reggae/rap band with 2 ex-members from Dead End Job"

Album of the Year

All I have to say guys is bravo because you really outdid yourselves here. I know the bassist personally and I've been checking up weekly with him to see if the album has been released yet and FINALLY, after months of anticipation, it has dropped and it dropped hard. Already into the second track my mind was blown away from the technicality that the Night Gaunts incorporate into their music with such sounds such as electronic bleeps and bloops, saxophone, keyboard, pianos, accordians and tons and tons more. This is the kind of material that the Mad Conductor SHOULD have been putting out after No Cash. Again, bravo guys. Good fucking job. Defiantly one of my top 10 album of the years. Everything flows, it's nice and light and poppy, and overall just a happy feel to it. If you're in need of cheering up or just feel like having some fun, this album is the way to go.

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